ICC Region II

Candidate Nomination/ Awards Committee


(Jack Applegate, Chair)

(Ted Zuk, Vice Chair)

(Gary Schenk, Member)

(David Spencer, Member)

(Kenton Hall, Member)





This policy establishes the role, purpose and procedures for the ICC Region II Endorsement Committee.

1.0 Purpose: The Endorsement Committee shall make recommendations to the ICC Region II Officers and the general membership in accordance with this policy for candidates seeking support for election to positions of leadership.

2.0 Chairperson: The Chairperson of the Endorsement Committee shall be appointed by the President. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Endorsement Committee.

3.0 Endorsement Committee: The Endorsement Committee, shall be appointed by the President and consist of not more than seven or less than three ICC Region II Chapter members. The Endorsement Committee shall be composed of Governmental, ICC Region II Chapter Member Representatives having a reasonable distributed geographical representation in the States of ICC Region II.

4.0 Candidates: To be considered by the Endorsement Committee, all candidates seeking an endorsement shall submit a letter of interest to the Chairperson of the Endorsement Committee 60 days prior to the date of the election or appointment. The letter of interest shall contain a current resume, correspondence indicating support of their board service from their political jurisdiction and any other documents they feel necessary to support their candidacy. The endorsement committee may use interviews, document reviews, and outside council regarding all candidates and any other legal means of gathering information for endorsement recommendations.

In their selection process, the Endorsement Committee shall take into consideration previous service on Industry Committees and Boards, interpersonal and administrative skills, knowledge of fiduciary responsibilities, support of their Board service by their political jurisdiction, experience in activities of and support by a Chapter or other code enforcement groups, geographical location of the candidate, any special education, professional registrations, licenses, certifications in codes administration, or professional memberships, utilization of the ICC Codes, the missions and goals of the ICC codes and other code enforcement groups. Selection of the endorsees shall be by majority vote of the Committee. The Chairperson shall only vote in case of a tie vote of the Committee.

The Endorsement committee may be asked to recommend candidates that are appointed positions and/or candidates representing other enforcement groups. Upon ICC Region II Officers delegation, these candidates shall be reviewed as the same as ICC elective candidates.

5.0 Selection Process: After the close of the endorsement submittal period, the Endorsement Committee will meet to review all candidates seeking endorsement and schedule interviews if they deem them appropriate. Prior to interviews Region II membership will be given the opportunity to submit questions to the Endorsement Committee, for the candidates. Interviews should be conducted via phone or video to allow greater participation of Region II membership. During interviews, only Endorsement Committee members will ask questions or speak with candidates. After interviews, the Endorsement Committee will meet to deliberate.

6.0 Closed Meetings: All meetings of the Endorsement Committee are closed meetings and no other persons are permitted to attend except by a majority vote of the Endorsement Committee. Such person(s) would be (a) nonvoting, knowledgeable, Liaison(s) to the committee for specific purposes and be a Governmental ICC Region II member in good standing.

7.0 Deliberations: Deliberations of the Endorsement Committee are closed meeting as identified above. Selection of the endorsees shall be by majority vote of the Committee. The Chairperson shall only vote in case of a tie vote of the Committee. All deliberations of the Committee shall be confidential. Committee members shall not speak outside of committee meetings on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate. The Endorsement Committee may give a recommendation to endorse up to one candidate for each position which is subject to election or appointment. If the Endorsement Committee feels it is appropriate, it may give a recommendation not to endorse any candidates for a position.

8.0 Report of the Committee: The report shall name no more than one endorsee for each position which is subject to election or appointment, as well as the general criteria used for the selection of the endorsee as identified above. The report shall be in the form of a recommendation to the ICC Region II Officers, and through them to the ICC Region II Chapter membership, who shall take action on the recommendation by majority vote. The report of the Endorsement Committee, if approved, shall be available prior to the election or appointment of the endorsee. Candidates shall be informed in writing by electronic or hand written mail, of the results of the Officers/membership vote within 10 business days following the Officers/membership vote by the Endorsement Committee Chairperson.

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