ICC Region II


March 2019 Minutes (1)March 2019 Minutes (1)


Immediate Past President: Charlie Allen, Idaho callen@ci.ammon.id.us

President: Jack E Applegate, Oregon (541) 484-9080

JackA@nwcodepros.com (Site Administrator)

Vice-President: Mark Panilo, Alaska (907)267-4975 PaniloMM@ci.anchorage.ak.us

Treasurer: Russell Murphy, Montana (406)853-5084 Rgmurphyco@gmail.com

Secretary: Cody Gunn, Montana (406)698-3936 gunnc@ci.billings.mt.us

Meeting called to order by President Jack Applegate at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time
Attending on the call:

Name Representing or Calling From:
Jack Applegate Region II President, (OR)
Mark Panilo Region II Vice President, (AK)
Russell Murphy Region II Treasurer (MT
Cody Gunn Region II Secretary (MT)
Stephanie Jacobson Region II Director at Large (OR)
CJ Marcinus Region II Director at Large (OR)
Kraig Stevenson ICC Government Relations
Shirley Ellis ICC Board of Directors
Jim Brown ICC Board of Directors
Mike Boso ICC Board of Directors

Jim Sayers ICC Board of Directors
David Spencer ICC Board of Directors
Ron Hampton ICC Board of Directors
Tom Peterson ICC Board of Directors
Warren Jackson Marion County (OR)
Terry Ottens Book Keeper (ID)
Andi Lorenz WA
George Daily Idaho
Rick Benton MT
Sam Steele WA
Jamie Fackler WA
Ramon Fajardo OR
Michelle Linbarger OR
Ted Zuk Jackson County
Christine Ness AK
Gary Lampala WA

Call to Order:
Educode update: Jim Sayers, Mike Boso and Tom Peterson are with Ramon at Educode listening in on the
call. They are having a great time, the education program is great. They were able to have lunch with Ramon
and are looking forward to seeing him grow in the industry. Mike Boso- Ramon sets a fine example of what
we’re looking for in the program, he has everything going for him except he isn’t from OH. Jack really
appreciates everyone helping out with the military program. Ramon- Thanks everyone for giving him the
opportunity to go to Educode and get his foot in the door with learning the building codes.

Presidents Opening Comments: Thanks to Mike Boso and the folks in Ohio who donated $100 to Ramon’s
Reimbursement for Educode for the Military Families Fund. We are up to about $822 in reimbursement so far
and strongly encourage chapters to donate.

New on Call: Mark Panilo brought Christine Ness a Fire Protection Engineer from PDC Engineers a new board
member from AK. Christine is happy to be here, she has been in the industry for a long time and decided getting
involved with the ICC is the next step in her career. Jack- congratulations we are proud to have you as a new
member in the family. Sam Steel- Brought Jamie Fackler an inspector joining the call who thanks us for having
him. Jack- Welcome to the family to Jamie as well and remind him and any new member to go ahead and get
involved with the any committees that you’re interested in and we can show you the ropes so you can take on a
larger role in the future.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to Approve Jim Brown. Seconded
Treasurers Report: Russell Murphey- Currently at $11,179.47, have paid out AMS 75 for 1.25 hours of work.
The rest of the debits and credits can be found on the treasurer’s report online. Terry Ottens- They are working
on the Financial Report so that we can sort things out in an easy to read manner. Tracy has sent out reminder
emails for membership dues and Russell is working on getting them in to Terry.

ICC Board of Directors: Shirley Ellis- Reminder to get your employees validated because the deadline is fast
approaching. David Spencer- The Adhoc committee for ABM business and elections is continuing to work and
will be presenting a report at the spring meeting. Board of Directors is working on update to strategic plan the
2020 plan which will become the 2025 plan for the future of ICC. David asks how could we as a Region
become more involved in the High school training program, it has become more popular in the east and south
and he would like to challenge Region II to be more involved. Shirley- Texas is working hard with secondary
schools now so if Region II wants input on expansion she would love to be on any calls. Jack- Some of the
problem OR and WA is they have very few trade schools and many schools are even losing their shop
programs. He thinks the word is slowly getting out there about trade careers and maybe we should set up a
committee. Shirley- TX has found contractors have become great resources for support in helping with funds as
they need those people so desperately. Jim Sayers- Been a privilege to spend time with Ramon and whatever
Jurisdiction he ends up with will be very fortunate as he is a sponge of knowledge. Ron Hampton- If you
contact Jim Elwood at Iccsafe.org he can help you with materials and code books for presentations to high
school technical training programs.

ICC Staff: Kraig Stevenson- Follow up of Shirley the deadline is March 29th for getting your voters registered.
For the Nominations Committee the deadline is March 15th to get those in. The Chapter Leadership academy
will be June 4th and5th. It is offered to officers of the chapters to have your expenses reimbursed. There will be
a PMG roundtable at the NM code hearings on Saturday afternoon and the other ICC membership council
meetings. Jack- The ICC leadership academy is very valuable for how you run your chapter and he highly
recommends people go if they can make it to Denver. During the Code hearing on Tuesday April 30th Region II
will have a get together in the evening with our members like we did in Virginia. Gary Lampala- Will be
starting a new chapter, The Eastern Washington Chapter, they have submitted the application with the secretary
of state and will follow up with the IRS filing after that. They are in the process of creating Bi laws. They will be asking for letters of support from all the ICC chapters. They do have a Board in place for which Gary is the
secretary. They hope to be up soon and will let everyone know where they are at.
Previous and Continuing Business: The meeting was cut a bit short due to a meeting of the awards and
nominations committee.
New Business:
Open Discussion:
Adjournment: Motioned Seconded

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