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March 14, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Immediate Past President: Jim Sayers, Oregon (503) 742-4728 JSayers@co.clackamas.or.us

President: Jack E Applegate, Oregon (541) 484-9080 JackA@nwcodepros.com (Site Administrator)

Vice-President: Cindi Somers, Washington (509) 942-7708 cynsomers@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mark Panilo, Alaska (907)267-4975 PaniloMM@ci.anchorage.ak.us

Secretary: Russell Murphy, Montana (406)853-5084 Rgmurphyco@gmail.com


Meeting called to order by Vice‐President Cindi Somers at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time

Attending on the call:

Name Representing or Calling From:

Cindi Somers Region II Vice President (WSAPT‐WA St Assoc of PTs)

Mark Panilo Region II Treasurer

Stephanie Jacobsen Region II Director at Large

Jim Sayers Region II Immediate Past President (OR)

Andie Lorenz Region II Director at Large

Jim Brown ICC Board of Directors

Sue Coffman City of Tacoma

Gary Lampella NW Code Professionals

Henry Kim Alaska Central Chapter

Greg Wheeler ICC Board of Directors

Ken Hall Baker City, OR

David Spencer ICC Board of Directors

Kraig Stevenson ICC Staff

Rick Benton MT Chapter President

Dennis Hirsch MT Chapter Vice‐ President

1. Region II President update‐

Jack was not able to attend the meeting. Vice‐ President Cindi Somers called the meeting to order.

a. Cindi reminded everyone that Building Safety Month is coming up soon and for each state in Region II to

complete their proclamations. Tennessee and Alabama have completed theirs and WASAPT is the lone

chapter from Region II.

b. WASAPT has their annual education conference coming up april 23rd ‐24th covering disaster assments.

c. April 26th‐28th Oregon Womens Veterans Conference. Stephanie and Jessica Leather are tentatively

planning on attending.


2. Approval of Minutes‐ Meeting of February 14, 2018 ‐ motion to approve by Jim Sayers, second by David Spencer,

no objections


3. Treasurers Report – Mark Panilo ‐ Treasury is at $14,827.31 reported form Charlie Allen.

a. $100 sponsorship for Master Sergeant Thornton to attend Educode through Region I.

b. Pending expense of $1,500 to Jim Sayers’s board campaign.

c. Motion to accept by David Spencer, second Dennis Hirsch, no objections.

4.ICC Board Member Comments

a. Jim Brown‐ Jim said spring is here and things are starting to gear up. He has an Awards Committee

meeting coming up this week for the annual meeting in Richmond, VA. He also wanted to thank Region

II, Region XI, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, and Alabama Chapter for the letters of support for his

upcoming re‐election campaign. Jim also mentioned he will be in Maryland next week talking with the

folks of Region VII.

b. Greg Wheeler‐ Thornton, CO‐ Greg mentioned for any chapter requesting an ICC Board Member to

attend their meeting should do so 60‐90 days prior to the meeting. He wanted to remind everyone

because a recent chapter meeting had requested he attend with only two weeks notice and the expense

to travel there was $1,400. The ICC Board is more than happy to attend chapter meetings, but cannot

afford to do so under these circumstances.

c. David Spencer‐ David mentioned that Friday is the deadline for Governmental Voting Representative to

be eligible for Spring Code Hearings. ICC has the Safety 2.0 resource page up on the website. You can

find High School Training Program, Military Families in the building career, and The Value of the Code




5. Chapter ABM attendance‐ Cindi Somers

a. Jack, David Kraig, Rick Benton, Dennis Hirsch and Russell Murphy are attending Montana’ ABM and

chapter meeting later this evening.

b. Andie Lorenz is attending the NC Washington Chapter ABM this week in Leavenworth, WA.

c. WASAPT ABM October 17th.

d. Jim Sayers is attending Region I and CABO meetings is San Francisco the week.

Mark asked that any board member attending ABM’s please let him know for the budget.


6. Mentorship Challenge‐ Jim Sayers

a. Jim once again commented on the importance of finding a mentee, and introducing them into the code

profession. WASAPT is working on getting the 2nd Vice President position involved with Region II in

hopes that once they become President, they are the representative for WASAPT.


7. Partner Comments – No partner comments for this meeting.


8. Committee Reports –

a. Codes Committee – Gary Lampella‐ The Code changes have been published on the ICC website for

review. Mark said he plans on attending the code hearing meetings coming up in Columbus pending

funding approval. Gary said he will plan to attend as well. The committee is scan through the code

changes and look for any critical ones to take a stand on. There is not enough time to take an in depth

look at every code change.

b. Endorsement/ Awards – Jack Applegate‐ Jack was not on the call. CIndi asked if WASAPT could be

included in what WPABO was supporting for endorsements. David said to get in contact with Gary

Schenk or Trace Justice, as they are involved with WPABO. WPABO meets in person sometime in August.

David also said the committee has received nominations from Jim Brown and Jim Sayers for ICC Board of

Directors positions and an award nomination for President Jack Applegate.

c. Education – Cindi Somers‐ Cindi said they have not had a meeting.

d. Social Media and Membership– Stephanie Jacobson –Stephanie mentioned that our social media

connections are all up this month, LinkedIn is up 45 connections. She plans on having a list together of

different outreach opportunities the Region can look at moving forward.

e. Budget‐ Mark Panilo‐ Mark just asked for Chapter ABM attendance from board members.

f. Spotlight Permit Tech‐ Cindi Somers‐ Cindi reported she is waiting for approval from WASPT to sponsor a

permit tech to attend the Women’s Veterans Conference in Sun River, WA this April. Jessica Leather

from City of Monroe is attending, pending approval. Also, Stephanie Jacobson plans to attend as well.

The next committee meeting will be the week of the 26th of March.

g. Steering/ Outreach‐ Jim Sayers –Jim did not have a report for this meeting. Jim said he will be attending

Region I meeting and will report back next month.


New Business‐ Cindi Somers

1.Region II Bylaw changes‐ Jack was not on the call and no discussion was made on this topic.

2. Cindi brought up a discussion that the Region II bylaws state the membership is made up in two ways; chapter

and honorary. She thought this should be a topic of New Business in a future meeting to maybe include,

individual, student or mentee membership.

3. Kraig Stevenson‐ Kraig followed up on an item that came up earlier pertaining to chapter meeting request.

Madi Dominescy notifies when a chapter request has been made. ICC Board and Staff are able to see this. She is

working on calendar so staff is able to see who will be attending meetings.

ii. June 4th will be the 3rd annual Chapter Leadership Academy held in Denver. President Applegate

has spoke very highly of this opportunity, and wants members to think about attending.

iii. The Code of Honor Scholarship announcement will come out after the code hearings.

iv. 2018 basic significant changes can be viewed online.

4. Jim Sayers said he officially a candidate for the ICC Board of Directors.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST.


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